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Based on the North Essex Coastline, our team specialise in providing report, portal and dashboard service provision to both clients nationally and internationally.

Our passion for data, along with a wealth of experience within the industry spanning over twenty-five years will hold you in good stead.
Our Promise
With the client in mind, we deliver automated reporting solutions so that you can manage, run, schedule, and view your portfolio of reports, all from your web browser, offering you complete flexibility on where you access your data from. Though we deal with data and statistics, we’re actually a people company. Our small, focused team of experts are dedicated professionals who understand the importance of ensuring the right web-based reporting solution for the task in hand. And we are proud to say that we are at the forefront of the most up to date data reporting provision. We’re the perfect partners.
‘Your Data and Statistics Solutions, Solved’
Vantage Point offers flexibility for your business needs, delivering real time live access to your data, saving your company valuable resources, time and of course, money. Our solutions provide you with complete control over how your reports are configured and published. Vantage Point reads your data, plucks out the finer details to get the job done right.

From writing reports and live dashboard data to our pioneering consulting and training services. We provide your business technical support from launch with the additional advantage of continued on-going support. We are an incredibly strong competitor within in the industry sphere because unlike other companies, we offer complete flexibility with our bespoke solutions, with a time tried understanding that only comes from real experience. Vantage Point under the banners Reports, Portal, Dashboards and Consulting provide the perfect solutions for your business, evolving with your business needs.
Meet the Team
Terry Thurgood
The Managing Director
With decades of experience within the Office Supplies Industry. The pioneering force behind the business. Once with childhood aspirations to become a train driver, Terry now spends his day driving your data. When he is not surrounded with facts and figures, he can be found on the water, enjoying time out sailing or kayaking.
Dan Thurgood
The Technical Manager
With a degree in Computer Science and having been weaned from a young age within the business he is the Master of Data provision. Dan is passionate about learning and thrives on gaining knowledge.

Enjoys a whiskey and a mountain to climb.
Chris Geer
The Business Strategy and Training Consultant
Exceptional in her experience and talents within training and consultation, she is the very heart of the business. Her knowledge and dedication to ensuring exemplary customer service is unparalleled. She loves nothing more than ruining a good walk with a golf club.
Benjamin Snelling
The Software Developer
Simply put, he loves logic and building simple solutions for complex problems. He was born for it. As a child he wanted to become a wine and cheese taster, and not much has changed except a love for technology grown from his first ever commodore 64. He is an avid snake enthusiast who also has a hankering for one day getting a par in golf.